YFU SHORT-TERM PROGRAMS – the full experience.

YFU’s Short-Term Programs are an exciting opportunity to explore the world and gain invaluable skills and insights in a condensed timeframe. Whether you want to learn a new language, explore a different culture, or just experience the world from a new perspective, these programs offer a flexible and impactful alternative to the traditionally longer programs YFU offers.

Trimester programs have become a popular option for Australian and New Zealander students, and in response, many of our global partners now offer even shorter programs. Short-term programs offer a world of experience in a compact timeframe. They provide a full immersion without the long-term commitment, making them ideal for students eager to explore the world with minimal impact on their academic studies at home.

Many programs are offered over the traditional summer holiday period in Australia and New Zealand, allowing students to experience new traditions and cultural experiences during the festive season. Schools in many parts of the world are only closed for a short period at this time of year, so students will still experience going to school overseas. The timing makes the experience more accessible and less disruptive than ever before. Other programs are offered at different times but designed to have minimal impact on school at home.

Through these programs, students will not only gain independence, adaptability, and global awareness – skills that are crucial in today’s interconnected world, but they will also have the opportunity to forge international friendships and connections and learn or enhance their language skills with some programs even offering immersive language studies.

So, why wait? 

The adventure of a lifetime could be just a summer away! 

Explore the exciting destinations offering short-term programs HERE.

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