Where Does the Money Go

YFU Student Exchange is a “not for profit” organisation which means there are no shareholders to whom profits can be distributed. All program fees are used to cover the costs of providing programs in Australia/New Zealand and in our partner countries. While the breakdown of costs varies slightly for the length of exchange program, the average breakdown of costs are as follows:

1 %

of program costs for travel and insurance, including:

  • Return international travel on reputable airlines with minimum stop over times
  • Domestic travel to host family in host country
  • Airport transfers and assistance with check-in
  • Comprehensive travel, liability, medical and accident insurance with a company with a worldwide network to ensure ease of contact and smooth processing of claims.
1 %

of program costs for the placement and support of students in the hosting country, including:

  • Recruitment and screening of volunteer host families
  • Recruitment and training of local coordinators and support people
  • Organisation of school enrolments, arrival, pre-departure and re-entry orientations
  • Provision of resource materials for students and families
  • Contribution to provision of full time professional staff and 24 hour emergency support
1 %

of program costs for the recruitment and selection of students for their exchange program, including:

  • Student and family interviews
  • Provision of pre-departure orientations and resources for students and their natural parents
  • Processing of student applications and liaison with YFU hosting partners about student placement and travel arrangements
  • Maintenance of 24/7 emergency support while student is overseas
  • Contribution to general administration costs and the provision of full time professional staff to support students in the application process and their natural parents while they are on exchange

Where does the money go?

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