YFU Policy Documentation

Critical Incidents & Emergency Policy​

Our Critical Incidents Policy is designed to ensure a prompt, effective, and coordinated response to incidents that significantly impact the safety and well-being of our community. This policy outlines the procedures for reporting, managing, and resolving such incidents, ensuring that all actions taken are appropriate and in accordance with best practices.


Complaints Handling Policy

We recognise the importance of complaints in evaluating our programs, procedures, and culture. This policy provides a clear framework for submitting a complaint and details how it will be processed, addressed, and evaluated.

Child Safety Policy

YFU Student Exchange has zero tolerance for child abuse and requires zero tolerance for child abuse from all adults involved in the organisation. This policy sets the expectations and protocols for child safety at YFU Student Exchange.

Privacy Policy

YFU Student Exchange is seriously concerned about and committed to protecting your privacy. This policy applies to all information supplied to YFU Student Exchange by any means, including information submitted online through our websites.