Discounts & Rebates

Early Bird Discounts

If you complete a full application by the following deadlines you’re automatically entitled to an Early Bird discount of $750 for a year program and $500 for a semester program:

  • June 30th for programs departing from January-April the following year
  • February 28th for programs departing from July the same year

Hosting Rebate

If your family hosts a student before you depart on exchange, or while away, you will receive a rebate off your program fee of:

  • 3% for 3 months hosting
  • 5% for 5 months hosting
  • 10% for 10 months hosting

So, for example, if your program costs $9,900 and you host a student for 10 months you will receive a rebate of $990. This is paid at the end of the hosting period and not deducted from the program fee of the exchange student.