Returnee - India R.

India’s tips for outbound students

A few handy tips for future exchange students from India R. – one of the YFU returnee’s who went on exchange to Norway.

Say YES to everything (as long as it is safe)! Even just the smallest things like going to the shops to buy food with your host mum, taking the dog for a walk with the family, going out with friends, or watching your host siblings sports game could end up being really meaningful moments that you get to share and become closer to your host family. You will end up looking back at all the photos and experiences that you had while on exchange and be happy that you said yes to them all. It’s also important while on exchange to step out of your comfort zone and try things that you never thought you would be able to do.

Talk to other exchange students!! These are the people that are going through the same feelings, challenges, and emotions as you and are all amazing people who want to experience the world as well. I am so happy that I made connections with the other students that were on exchange at the same time as me and made lifelong friendships. When you plan to travel the world after you finish school there will be open homes all around the world for you to stay because of these connections.

Make the most of the time!! Your exchange will be over in the blink of an eye so make sure you spend your time wisely and you don’t want to come back home wishing you had done more.

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